If these shoes could talk, what tales would they unveil?  Whatever steps were taken in the past, they somehow ended up here, at this low point.  Literally and figuratively.  A Triangular abyss of S's, if you will.  Somewhere in Southern California where the Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain and Slab City meet.  And there, you just might get a glimpse of someone'personal hell,  heavenly oasis or endless purgatory  ...at 141 ft below sea level  ...and quite possibly,  a modern day twilight zone.

Art Collectors

"Under The Shoe Tree" is a SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION Print.

Print Sizes:

11" x 14"

20" x 24"

Printed on archival paper.

*Framing services available upon request. 

*Also available in two separate 11x14 prints in white frames.  

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