10 Oct 2016
    This image is very symbolic to me, as to the spiritual warfare that goes on in my life. I look at it as a reminder to remain focused on The Cross, no matter what distractions await. “Focus on The Cross” has been exhibited at the I’LL FLY AWAY exhibit at…

  2. Temptation, Guilt, Regret.

    15 Sep 2016
    Twenty years ago someone of whom I considered my friend introduced me to my first cigarette.  Despite all the warnings and campaigns I had seen against smoking, I lit that cigarette and I puffed my first of many hundreds of thousands of puffs.  Had I  known that that 1st cigarette…

  3. Linda Vista Hospital: Paranormal Oddity to Senior Living Mundane

    15 Oct 2015
    When I spent the day at Linda Vista five years ago, it was still affectionally known as, “The Abandoned Hospital.”   It was never really abandoned, it was actually very popular and in high demand with the visual arts and media community, alike. It also costed a pretty penny to access…

  4. 08 Oct 2015
    “THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE TRAVELING POST CARD” Custom-Limited Edition Post Cards of Rain Kids by Jennifer Soriano-Dipper are now being printed hot off the press!  Once they reach our the office, I will pack them away with me to New York City where I will sign and mail them…

  5. Looking Back. Looking Forward.

    06 Oct 2015
    “Past Endeavors”   There’s that saying, “Where one door closes, another one opens”, which seems to me an obvious cue to keep moving forward. If only moving forward were this systematic. 

  6. Luke The Brave 5K Run/Walk

    23 Sep 2015
    I took the family with me to Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad this past weekend to take pix and show support for our family friend Luke Sybert, aka #LukeTheBrave, and his family.  Luke is a brave and faithful 9 year old boy battling a rare form of cancer and is currently…

  7. Behind the scenes: “Night. Time. Vegetation.”

    13 Jun 2015
    During my portrait class at Art Center, my instructor told us to take picture of a vegetable.  Immediately, I knew I wanted to shoot broccoli.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always associated the appearance of broccoli to trees.   First, I needed to prop that sucker up and create…

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