Linda Vista Hospital: Paranormal Oddity to Senior Living Mundane

When I spent the day at Linda Vista five years ago, it was still affectionally known as, “The Abandoned Hospital.”   It was never really abandoned, it was actually very popular and in high demand with the visual arts and media community, alike. It also costed a pretty penny to access the original features and props left behind.  Needless to say, me and my crew were like kids in a candy store.  

Some say they felt “a presence” in certain rooms, (i.e., the hallways, basement and morgue)  But for me, I didn’t.  Boo!  Maybe watching too many episodes of Ghost Adventures ruined it for me … or maybe I was too busy trying to get as many shots with my models.  Maybe ghosts just come out at night?  

The scariest thing I did see was the plethora of dead birds on the top floor with broken windows all around. The caretaker must have thrown poison pellets for the “trespassing” critters.  Yuck!  Even my poor friend and model in the image (later titled, “Silent Chaos”)  actually got infected with pink eye!  EEK!  Poor, Carrie!  

Well, aside from that, It was a great day of shooting and I’m so glad I have an image from that day that has just been accepted in the Oddity Exhibit at Darkroom Gallery in Vermont and has been exhibited in the “B*tch Fest Exhibit” through the Haggus Society, Los Angeles, CA.

I’m glad to know that “The Abandoned Hospital” still stands, but has recently gotten a face lift.  It is now available as a Senior Housing Community for retired tenants unafraid of its history and folklore.  

As for me… I say, “Nope.  nope.  NOPE.

I’ll just sit back and reminisce through pictures and video!   Hahaha.

“The Institute”  By Jennifer Dipper

Silent Chaos


Known for it’s many stories of paranormal activity, it has been a popular location for filming horror movies and TV shows. This
image was intended to reflect the history and folklore associated with the building itself, and the essence of all its attributes.
Linda Vista “abandoned” hospital, 2010. 

“The Institute” By Jennifer Dipper

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